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Hively: derived from ‘lively’ and ‘hive’;
1.    (n) A place or community full of life and energy;
2.     (adj) To be supported, cared for, thriving

Family Fees

Father and His Children Together at HomeFamily Fees represent a parent/guardian’s share of child care costs, which are paid directly to Hively. Fees are charged per family, not per child, and are based on the child in the family that uses the most amount of child care. A part-time fee, per month, is applied if the authorized hours of care are less than 130 hours a month. A full-time fee per month is applied, if the authorized hours of care are 130 hours or more a month.

Your family fee is due by the 15th of the month being billed. If you are unable to make a payment in full, please notify your Family Support Specialist before the 15th of the month to make a payment arrangement.

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