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September 12, 2022

Why Do Families Change? Discussing Separation and Divorce with Children

This week our Training and Inclusion Coordinator read Why Do Families Change? Our First Talk About Separation and Divorce by Dr. Jillian Roberts. The content of this book is as follows: “Often young children blame themselves or are unsure of their place in the family if [separation/divorce] events occur. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts designed the 'Just Enough' series to empower parents/caregivers to start conversations with young ones about difficult or challenging subject matter.”
August 8, 2022

The Importance of Kindness- Be Kind!

This week Karen Brace, Hively's Communications Specialist, read Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller. The content of this book is as follows: “When a young girl named Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate wants to make her feel better and remember that Mom always says ‘Be Kind.’ But what does it mean to be kind? As the child ponders everything from asking a new girl to play to standing up for someone being bullied, this moving and thoughtful story explores what kindness is, and how any act, big or small, can make a difference- or at least help a friend.”
September 6, 2022

Teasing vs Bullying- What’s the Difference?

This week Donnamarie Fuller, Hively's Program Specialist, read Tease Monster (A book about teasing vs. bullying) by Julia Cook. The content of this book is as follows: “Is the Tease Monster a friend or a foe? That's what 'One of a Kind' has to figure out in this quirky tale that teaches young readers the difference between nice teasing and mean teasing. One doesn't understand the difference between friendly teasing and mean teasing. But with Mom's help, One learns that teasing is part of life and that laughing at someone (mean teasing) can have a hurtful bite while laughing with someone (nice teasing) can be alright... if it's not done out of spite!”
August 1, 2022

Teaching Children to Stay Positive! A Book About Optimism

This week Cassi Madrigal, Hively's Community Services Coordinator, read Stay Positive! A Book About Optimism by Cheri J. Meiners. “This friendly, encouraging book introduces preschool and primary-age children to ways of thinking and acting that will help them feel good about themselves and their lives. Children discover that they can enjoy the world around them, appreciate family and friends, try new activities, stay on course when things don’t go their way- and help other people feel happy, too.”
September 14, 2022

Teaching Children About Sadness

This week in our Children's Book Club we presented When Sadness is At Your Door by Eva Eland. The content of this book is as follows: “Sadness can be scary and confusing at any age! When we feel sad, especially for long periods of time, it can seem as if the sadness is a part of who we are--an overwhelming, invisible, and scary sensation." In When Sadness Is at Your Door, Eva Eland brilliantly approaches this feeling as if it is a visitor. She gives it a shape and a face, and encourages the reader to give it a name, all of which helps to demystify it and distinguish it from ourselves."
July 18, 2022

Navigating Discussions About Disability with Children: Don’t Call Me Special, A First Look At Disability

This week our Training and Inclusion Coordinator read Don’t Call Me Special, A First Look At Disability by Pat Thomas. This “delightful picture book explores questions and concerns about disability in a simple and reassuring way. Young children can find out what a disability is and learn how people deal with their disabilities to live happy and full lives.”
August 22, 2022

Let’s plant a garden!

This week Oscar Robledo, one of Hively's Family Support Specialists, read Lola Plants a Garden, Lola Planta un Jardín by Anna McQuinn in both English and Spanish! The content of this book is as follows, “How does your garden grow? Book-loving Lola is inspired by a collection of garden poems that she reads with her mommy. She wants to plant her own garden of beautiful flowers, so she and Mommy go to the library to check out books about gardening. They choose their flowers and buy their seeds. They dig and plant. And then they wait. Lola finds it hard to wait for her flowers to grow, but she spends the time creating her own flower book. Soon she has a garden full of sunflowers and invites all of her friends for cakes and punch and a story amongst the flowers."
August 15, 2022

Introducing Children to Yoga

This week Valerie Arkin, Hively's Program Manager, read Zoo Zen A Yoga Story For Kids by Kristen Fischer. The content of this book is as follows, “What could be more fun for kids than to hop like a frog, slither like a snake, and roar like a lion—all while learning an empowering, healthy life skill? Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids is a delightful pose-along adventure for children ages four to eight. Young readers will join our heroine Lyla as she learns ten yoga poses from her friends at the zoo, receiving helpful tips along the way from each animal she encounters.